Canine Caricatures Vol. I - Pet Portraits PREORDER

PRE-ORDER : Canine Caricatures Vol. I - Pet Portraits. SIGNED COPY!

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Pre-order your SIGNED copy of our first book! 

'Canine Caricatures Vol. I - Pet Portraits' is the first, self published, hardcover book featuring over 100 original illustrations. Each pre-ordered book will be hand-signed by the artist, John LaFree.  Books are expected to arrive at the end of May. 

"This book is a small sampling of the thousands of dogs that I have been commissioned to illustrate from pet parents all over the globe. Whether your dogs are identifiable as members of a specific breed or if they are an "All-American" mix of several breeds, EVERY DOG IS DIFFERENT. I choose to celebrate the variety and diversity of life on this planet. So, I see it as my job to document the entire canine species. One dog at a time."