Let’s be honest. You’re here because you want a sweet illustration of YOUR PET featured on one (or more) of the items we have available. On this page, we’ll walk you through the steps to make that happen!

Our Pet Caricatures cost $75 per pet. But, you don’t pay a dime for that artwork until you’ve seen a preview of it. Once you approve, we will complete the process and get your Custom Pet Caricature Portrait onto the products you’ve purchased.

First, let's take a look at the portrait style options.

Basic Portrait

Focuses strictly on what your pet LOOKS LIKE. No extras. This portrait really allows you to appreciate all of the wonderful details of your pet’s appearance that make him or her unique!

Favorite Things Portrait (add $25)

Allows you to add a few extra props, costume pieces or other “elements”. Some of your pets favorite things? Perhaps some of yours? Have fun with it!

Full Scene Portrait (add $50)

Includes anything you want with a full background. Got a favorite movie, hobby or place? A full-color work of art!


Place your order for a pet caricature portrait. Portraits are $75 per pet. Choose how many pets you want in your portrait and what style of artwork you would like. Add to Cart. This amount will not be paid today, but it is important to Add to Cart so there is an order on record.

Sold out

When your artwork is complete, you will receive an emailed invoice for this amount, along with a preview of the artwork for your approval.


After adding your order to the cart, fill out the form below to let John know about your pets and if you have any specific requests or notes that would be helpful.

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Click below to upload photos of your pet and send them to the artist.

and if you haven't already,

Don't forget to choose, if you haven't already, how you want to receive your artwork.

(if you don't choose a product, we won't be able to send you your artwork)


Here are some popular options:


Framed Print

Wrapped Canvas