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Canine Caricatures Volume 1: Pet Portraits

Canine Caricatures Volume 1: Pet Portraits is John LaFree's first published book, and it is available now! Purchase the first in a hopefully very large collection of art books from Canine Caricatures! 


A collection of dog illustrations by caricature and pet portrait artist, John LaFree.


"A caricature is, by definition, a portrait drawn for comic effect. A canine is, by definition, a dog." Life on this planet is infinitely diverse. I have become especially fascinated with the variations inside the canine species and the physical differences from one breed to the next. Dogs can be tall, small, stocky or sleek. They can have long muzzles, short muzzles, bulging or droopy eyes. Their ears can be pointed or floppy or both at the same time. Long hair, short hair, wire hair or no hair. The list goes on and on. Every dog is different. That is both my living and my working motto. This book is a small sampling of the thousands of dogs that I have been commissioned to illustrated from pet parents all over the globe. And, I think it's appropriate to point out that it has never been my intention to generalize the features or markings of any dog that I have drawn based on that particular breed's "standards". I don't care if I'm drawing two Boston Terriers in the same illustration, who are all litter mates and seem to have identical markings. It is my intention to look for all the physical differences between the individual subjects. What makes them different from each other? What makes each dog unique? Whether your dogs are identifiable as members of a specific breed or if they are an "All-American" mix of several breeds, EVERY DOG IS DIFFERENT. I choose to celebrate the variety and diversity of life on this planet. So, I see it as my job to document the entire canine species. One dog at a time. This is Volume One. -John LaFree

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