Pet Portrait Testimonials

I have drawn thousands of pet portraits since 2010. Check out what my customers have to say about their Canine Caricatures!

canine caricature pet portrait by john lafree


"I could not be happier with the portraits of our grandbeagle! My husband and I ordered them as a Christmas gift for our son. I was concerned that his lively, joyful pup's spirit wouldn't be captured from the photos we presented - he becomes very serious when a camera is present! - but the portraits really reflect his personality. Just perfect!"  -Deborah M.


"The moment we opened the package, my wife and I laughed and smiled. John captured our pets perfectly. I know that we will want more further down the road. Thanks again, Mr. Lafree!" - Michael H.


"our dog had passed by the time we received our caricature and it was such a sweet way to memorialize him and get some closure. very realistic and john paid attention to all of the little details. thanks!" - Stephanie L.

 canine caricature pet portrait by john lafree


"This was my 2nd portrait drawn. I love the way John captures the likeness and character of my pets! I would definitely recommend having a caricature of your pet WILL NOT be disappointed! Thanks again John, for your wonderful work!!! - Judith R.


"Once again John has done a masterful job of capturing the personality of my Flossie Jane. Can't believe how he comes up with such creative, but truly realistic representations of a dog from photographs. I can not count the times that I have seen that exact expression in her eyes and on her face. Although it is a caricature, it looks just like her. It was well worth the long wait. This is the fifth caricature I have ordered. Three for myself and two for a friend. They have all been just perfect. Thanks for the awesome work!" - Patricia O.


"John truly captures the whimsical side of the Basset Hound breed. His talent is unsurpassed & I am so fortunate I stumbled upon his work" - Linda H.


"John interpretation of my vision exceeded my expectation. I absolutely ADORE the drawing he did of Truly. All my friends loved it too!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!" - Steffie C.

 canine caricature pet portrait by john lafree


"I confess I still haven't officially hung Lucy's portrait, but it is displayed on a living room chair waiting for action. Everyone who has stopped by goes completely nuts for it! You so captured her personality. I am singing your praises . . . Lucy Lou who has the expectation of being viewed as fabulous just takes it in stride!" - Valerie C.


"I absolutely love my pet caricature drawing. It is so unique and the exact details of my dog are amazing. Plan on ordering some more as gifts for my family that love their dogs too. I can't give John enough praise for his incredible talent!!"  - Michelle G.


"All I can say is wow, wow, and wow, absolutely beyond our expectations" - Craig B.

 canine caricature pet portrait by john lafree


"Recently we submitted photos of our 4 dogs to John for custom caricatures. Armed with just a few pictures of each dog and a short description of each dog's personality, he set off creating the most amazingly realistic caricatures of each dog. The expressions couldn't have been more spot on and the theme we wanted for each drawing was so how I pictured it in my own head! John is fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a keepsake of their pet or wanting to give a unique gift to someone." - Steve H.


"I bought a drawing of our family dog who recently passed away at the age of 14 for my mom. She called me when it arrived amd was in tears. She loves it. And she was so impressed with the details. How acurate his markings were, the curl in his tail and even how he smiled :) Great piece of art to remember him by." - Danielle C.


"If you have any doubts, don't. He nailed the personality of our dogs perfectly. We love love love them. He attention to detail was incredible, right down to the shape of Chucky's freckles on his fat belly and the playful, lust for life of Demon Puppy. Highest recommendation." - Sean R.

 canine caricature pet portrait by john lafree


"I cannot believe how AMAZING John's work is! I saw both attitude and personality captured perfectly in my portrait. I'm currently taking photos of my third Chi to have another caricature made! I have shared his work with my other dog loving friends who plan on having portraits done of their pets too! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work, John! Thank you!" - Judith R. 


"My little one eyed Bandito's portrait is AMAZING!! John captured him perfectly. I have been chuckling ever since it arrived. It's an instant smile for everyone who sees it. I can't wait to get one of my one eyed girl Cherry Pie. You NEED this in your life. I promise you will not be disappointed!!" - Joey H.


"I couldn't believe how happy I was with the caricature of my beloved dog. A unique picture that makes me smile every time I look at it. Thank you for the time and effort it took to make this one of my treasured possessions. They say that a happy customer makes for the best advertising, I think that just may be possible!" - Diane E.

 canine caricature pet portrait by john lafree


"I was very excited to find out how John would interpret my dog’s personality. He nailed it! I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve already ordered another caricature for my other dog." - Kelly M.


"John LaFree is one of the most talented artists I have come across. As a full-time artist myself, I know how difficult it is NOT ONLY to render a given subject with accuracy, but to stylize it in such a way as to make a unique piece of art - that really only the hands of that one person can create. Combined with an uncompromising thoughtfulness put into each piece and obvious love for what he does, these portraits are a steal for what they cost. I am so thrilled that I found him, and that my pups are forever immortalized in his portaits. Thank you!!! I eagerly await my next order(s)." - M F.


"Really impressed with the portrait of our Chihuahua, Dupree. John really nailed some of the little details that easily could have been missed. He captured our little guy perfectly. If you are thinking about getting a portrait done... DO IT!! Totally worth it!!" - Jennifer C.

 canine caricature pet portrait by john lafree


"I ordered a custom portrait of my Chihuahua Khiyah and it just arrived! We love it! From all the pictures we sent John he really nailed her personality and her "look". She has such an expressive face and you can tell he really gets it! Pets have personalities too all unique to them. Thank you!" - Danielle C.


"I couldn't wait to get my custom portrait of my Dobie and Jack Russell. I had no idea what it was going to look like but I knew John would create this portrait perfect of them. Boy I was so correct. I sent several photos of each dog and wrote a note about each of their personalities. Everyone who I showed the portrait to, absolutely Loved it! John is an awesome artist and recommend him. If your looking to get something of your pet, this would be an excellent choice." - Annette S.


"I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I sent 5 pictures and from that my doberman's personality was perfectly translated into this caricature. I will likely order another in the future and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who loves their pets!" - Brittany H.


"I ordered a custom picture of my dobermans and we absolutely love it, based on the pictures I provided their personalities were captured perfectly. Everyone that has seen the picture loves it as well. WELL DONE! Worth every penny! Thank you" - Traci M.

 canine caricature pet portrait by john lafree


"I have now gotten individual portraits of all 4 of my dogs from John and I love them all! He is the best!!! I can tell you that i will, in the near future, again contact him for a group picture! Very Very pleased!" - Carol D.


"I love the print of my dog Dexter riding my Harley. It makes me smile every time I look at it!! This is my second portrait from John. I highly recommend him to every pet owner who wants a special memory of their furred ones!" - Lisa R.


"The picture of our two bassets, Otto and Igor, was striking in its resemblance to our furboys! This was a first wedding anniversary gift for my husband, and it was a huge hit. How you managed to fit all of their personality into the drawing from just a few pictures is wonderful. I have been faithfully recommending Canine Caricatures to my many doglover friends!" - Colleen H.


"I cried when I receiving a spectacular LaFree piece (6 of my dogs, 5 of whom have passed away) as a gift from a dear friend. I was so moved that I had to order one as a surprise for my sister of her dog. It was a huge hit! The expression of joy just jumps off the page. Do your heart a wonderful favor and order one for yourself AND give one as a gift." - Deborah K.


"They are absolutely PERFECT! The character and personality of both Pugs (Bean Louise and Bug) were captured without question. I have them displayed front and center in my home above fireplace. I have let everyone I know to contact this Very Talented artist. I am planning to have more done! Thank you for these wonderful prints!" - Becky M.


"I ordered a caricature of our dog for my husband as a Christmas gift. He has everything & is difficult to shop for! This was such a fun gift for him! Our dog means the world to him, so this was the perfect gift. Eddie, our dog, was perfectly captured - I couldn't have asked for better! My husband adored his gift & it has been a really fun conversation piece." - Kasey M.


"My fiance surprised me with an AWESOME caricature of my two bunnies Reeses and Sinatra. I absolutely love it!!! John is one of the best canine/animals caricature artist. Thank you John, I will treasure this caricature forever!" - JoAnn S.


"I was going to send you an email, thanking you for your recent caricature (just got it!). It is absolutely gorgeous! I am scanning it to include it in Bambi's future book, and to show ALL my dog-friends who the BEST caricaturist is!!!!!!!!!! 
Even only through email photos, you have managed to "capture" my doberman's "essence"/  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!" - Margaret N.


"My chihuahua passed away over 5 years ago. I planned to get her portrait tattooed but couldn't find an artist I was confident in. When I saw these I knew I had to get one of my baby girl. I opened the package, my hands flew to my face and I started crying. It was my baby girl. Her nose, he ears, her chest- every strange pump and curve to her little body (she was 17 when she passed and was quite unique looking). He captured her perfectly. I couldn't have ask for more. Thank you John." - Melina R.


"My husband and I love the drawings of our two dogs. They look exactly like them only cartoony. It is amazing how you captured their facial expressions to a tee. They bring a smile to my face every time I look at them. Thank you!" - Mary M.


"These sketches are affordable but for people that consider pets a part of their families (like me) they are priceless! I had a sketch done for my dog at a live event so I had high expectations for the sketches I ordered as a gift for my sister. John exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. He drew my sister's 3 dogs and captured each of their personalities perfectly. John: I can't thank you enough for these, they're amazing and my sister and I will cherish them forever!" - Milena S.


"I knew the portrait of my dog Oscar would be good... When it arrived I was so excited to open the package to see it. That was an hour ago and I'm still looking at it, oohing and ahhing over it. Thank you so much - it is absolutely PERFECT!!! Oscar has his own facebook page - and now your portrait is his new profile picture. :)" - Laura C.