So, How Does This Work?

CANINE CARICATURES is your one-stop shop for custom illustrations of your pets and all the wonderful things the artwork can be printed on. We're here to answer all of your questions and walk you through that process.


I love my pets and I’m on this website. Now what?

Welcome! Basically, there are 2 steps in the order process: commissioning the artwork and deciding how you would like to display it.

THE ART: On the ORDER YOUR PET PORTRAIT page, you will upload photos of your pets along with any notes, descriptions and requests. This is the custom artwork that will be printed onto ...

THE PRODUCTS: On the SHOP OUR MERCH page, you’ll be able to select anything from fine art prints and wrapped canvases to apparel, blankets, mugs and more!

What do I do first? Commission my PET PORTRAIT or choose my MERCH?

It doesn’t matter what you do first, the “portrait” or the “merch”. But, both steps need to happen. Remember, if you order a hoodie but don’t order a pet portrait... you’ll get a blank hoodie! Conversely, your pet portrait doesn’t truly exist until you’ve chosen what stuff you want it printed on.

When I go to my CART, it looks like like I’m being charged for the items that I picked out... but I’m not being charged for the artwork. Why is that? 

You will pay for the merchandise today, but not the artwork. When your illustration is complete, you will receive an emailed invoice for the amount owed (the amount shown in your cart)... along with a preview of the artwork for your approval. Once the invoice has been paid, your order will go to print.

John has already drawn my pets. Can I get THAT artwork onto some of these awesome products?

Absolutely! If you already have artwork drawn by John LaFree, then the process is pretty simple. You can purchase whatever items you want and click on the "add note to order" link (in the shopping cart) to let us know which existing artwork you would like us to use. If you have the original Canine Caricatures order number, awesome. If not, your name and description of the artwork will suffice.


How much does it cost to ORDER A PET PORTRAIT?

A portrait for a single pet starts as low as $75. The total price will vary depending on (1) how many pets are to be drawn and (2) what style of portrait you want.    

But, you don’t pay a dime for that artwork today. When it’s complete, you will receive an emailed invoice for THIS AMOUNT ... along with a preview of the artwork for your approval.

As you “build your portrait” on the ORDER YOUR PET PORTRAIT page, You’ll be able to see how much the different combinations of variants will cost.

How do I submit photos of my pets?

We’ve made this super easy! At the bottom of the Order Form on the ORDER YOUR PET PORTRAIT page, you will see a prompt to UPLOAD PHOTOS directly from your computer, phone or tablet! This is also where you will include any notes, descriptions and requests that will be helpful for John to bring your illustration to LIFE!

What kind of photos should I submit?

John will work with whatever you're able to provide. His preference is for at least one full face (front), one profile (side) and one full-body shot. Photos taken at (or close to) the pet's eye level... as opposed to standing over them looking straight down... are preferred.

The photos you provide will tell him everything he needs to know about what your pet looks like. When he looks at your photos, he’s looking for general coloring and markings, ear shape, nose and eye color, tail length, etc. But, he’s especially looking for all of the "little" things (one ear up/one ear down, white tips on the toes, subtle freckling, etc.).

Think of it this way: You are sending John photos of what you think your pet looks like. Then, he’s going to draw a caricature of what he thinks your photos look like. In other words, if you want him to draw your dog with her ears up, don’t only send him photos with her ears back. Your photos are the only reference that he is going to have.

For multiple pets in one illustration, you DO NOT need to send photos of your pets together. However, group photos do help in size comparison. Please provide multiple photos of EACH subject to be drawn.

How will my pets be drawn?

While your photos will provide the information needed for John to know what your pet LOOKS LIKE, your descriptions of your pet will let him know what your pet ACTS LIKE. Does your pet have a favorite toy or blanket? Does he sit in a funny way or is a “head-tilter”? Maybe you have a favorite movie that you want your pet role-playing in. Does your dog or cat always do something you find endearing (i.e. carries around a pillow, hunt lizards or squirrels, etc.) or something that drives you nuts (i.e. chews pillows to shreds, farts, etc…)?

For multiple pets, what is their relationship to each other?

I highly recommend checking out the many posts on Instagram to see examples of illustrations that John has done for other pet parents. You may see something that gives you an idea of what you’d like him to capture.

The more fun you have with this, the more fun John will have with it. And, therefore, the more fun the artwork will be.

Will multiple pets be drawn together in one portrait?

Yes, if you order a portrait with multiple pets they will be drawn together. If you want your pets drawn separately, please place a "1 PET" order for each of them individually.

When will my artwork be completed?

John’s average turnaround time is anywhere between 2-3 weeks.

Generally speaking, he completes projects in the order in which they are received. You can view his current Order Queue Calendar (in the footer at the bottom of this page) to track when your Custom Pet Portrait is scheduled to be completed. The calendar is listed by order number.

The schedule is updated daily and orders can be moved up or down based on a number of factors. John spends all the time that he feels is necessary to complete the artwork to his own standards of satisfaction. Some portraits may take longer than others and this could affect the rest of that day’s schedule… as well as the subsequent orders that follow.

If we have not received your photos and notes by the time that John is set to begin your order, he will not simply “skip” you. We will reach out, via email, with a reminder for your reference pics. John will then move on to the next order in queue. Once your photos have been received, he will reschedule your order for a new completion date.

Potential customers can refer to this calendar to see what John’s current workload looks like and what the current wait time is.


I have approved the completed artwork. How long does it take to get my customized merchandise?

Once the artwork is approved, it takes 2–7 business days to create apparel products and 2–5 business days for non-apparel products. When the product is created, our average shipping time is 4 business days depending on the order's destination.

Do you only draw dogs?

John has been asked to illustrate many different animals! Cats, ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, horses, pigs, reptiles, birds, tigers... even a rhinoceros or two.

Do you draw people?

No. I’m sorry, no.

What is your return/refund policy?

Artwork: Because the artwork is not paid for until you (the customer) have given approval, no refund is necessary. Once an artwork invoice has been paid, it is considered to be “approved”.

Merchandise: Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 4 weeks after the product has been received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.

We do not refund orders for buyer’s remorse. If your issue meets the above criteria, please contact us at for further details.


Do you sell gift cards?

We offer gift cards which can be purchased HERE

Can I share my artwork on Facebook?

PLEASE DO! You are free to share your artwork via any social media. However, you may not use the image for profit or commercial use without written consent from the artist.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship all over the planet (this planet, in particular). Australia LOVES us!

What do you wanna do for dinner?

Let’s just order a pizza.