Jun 28, 2020

Man oh man! I love...

Man oh man! I love drawing me some Sphynx (Sphynxes?)! I could also use one of those fancy cat wheel treadmill things...

Jun 23, 2020

CAT caricature SALE!!! TODAY ONLY!!!...

CAT caricature SALE!!! TODAY ONLY!!! Drawn from your photos and descriptions. Use the discount code “CAToons” at chec...

Jun 13, 2020

When your cats fit together...

When your cats fit together like puzzle pieces #CATicature

Jul 4, 2019

Pet Portrait Spotlight: Roswell the Cat

“Roswell : he is a huge Maine Coon cat with red long furry tips on his ears, a really long furry tail, long legs and massive paws. Would love to have those exaggerated in your style with a small UFO in the background space in reference to his name, Roswell.”

Apr 22, 2017

Dogs & Cats Living Together #CATURDAY

Happy CATurday! check out these custom pet portraits featuring cats with their dog brothers and sisters...

Apr 10, 2017

National Siblings Day 2017

Some of the best pet caricature portraits are when furry brothers and sisters are drawn together. These portraits are...

Apr 1, 2017

CAT-urday: Cat Portraits - Brotherly Love

2 cats are better than 1! Enjoy these cat pet portraits ordered by some feline-lovin' pet parents! Do you have a...

Apr 24, 2015

P the Black Sphynx: Custom Caricature Illustration.

P is the sister of Taco, the one-eyed Sphynx. Described by her mom as "... very much your traditional cat, aloof, w...

Apr 23, 2015

Custom Caricature Illustration: Taco the One-Eyed Grey Sphynx

  Sometimes, the caricature gods smile upon us. The customer's description: "pear shaped body... lots of rolls and ...
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