Christmas Custom Order Deadlines

Posted on 15 Oct 19:14
In years past, I had set a deadline date for custom orders to be placed in time for guaranteed delivery before Christmas. This deadline often backfired because most of my holiday orders came in right at the last moment (surprise!). Suddenly, I found myself with more orders than I could complete with not enough time to complete them. 
I changed my strategy last year and it worked extremely well. I have determined exactly HOW MANY pets I can realistically draw per week. So this year, instead of a deadline date, we have a pet countdown. We have placed a banner across the top of to reflect how many slots(dogs) I still have available for guaranteed Christmas delivery (see below). 
Canine Caricatures Christmas Orders
I will also be making regular updates on Facebook, so if you aren't already a "fan", please visit my page now and give me a like so you can stay informed! 
Orders are being placed every day and slots are being filled fast.  Don't miss your chance to be able to give the gift of Canine Caricatures this Christmas!