Changes Due to Covid-19

Covid-19 Statement

Dear Canine Caricatures family and supporters,

This year, Jessica and I are celebrating 10 years of Canine Caricatures and we’ve never been afraid to evolve. As a result, has had to evolve as an online store to meet a growing global audience. I’ve gone from drawing live at dog-themed events with my travel easel, a stack of paper and dried-out markers to working exclusively on my iPad creating digital pet caricatures that can be printed on a variety of sizes of museum-quality products.

And now, the Covid-19 pandemic is demanding that businesses adapt to the new rules of social interaction and safety of merchandise.

We are committed to the health and safety of our customers. And, to help reduce the spread of the novel Coronavirus, we are now providing completed illustrations as downloadable digital files. These files will be sent via email at no extra charge and can be beneficial to you, the customer, in several ways.

Typically, my drawings have either been rolled into tubes or packaged into flat shipping boxes. Dozens of individuals would have come into contact with the product by the time it reached you. Now, no hands will touch the artwork until you say so. When you are ready to have it printed, you can do so with the greatest amount of confidence in your own personal well-being.

Secondly, the entire print on-demand industry’s supply chain has been affected causing unavoidable delays. Vendors relying on suppliers who are relying on products being shipped to them by services who are wrapped up in their own delays. It can be a tangled mess. But now, with the digital file format, you will receive the image within 24 hours of your approval of the artwork. Heck, it could be within minutes!

Finally, we have once again partnered with FineArtAmerica/Pixels to provide you with the convenience of having your artwork printed on a variety of high-quality products by a trusted independent company. Pixels partners with hundreds of thousands of artists and has shipped millions of museum-quality products to buyers all over the world. We trust them to uphold the highest of safety standards. We feel that you can, too.

This pandemic has forced us all to adapt to the “new normal”. We’re motivated to make the best of it and enjoy our further evolution.

Please stay safe. As my father likes to say, “keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart.”

John LaFree



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