Canine Caricatures Christmas Surprise!

Canine Caricatures Christmas Surprise!

Warning: bad hair - bad outfit - emotional mess kind of video. * My friend @chriztinamarie , sent me a Christmas present. She lives in California so she asked@aaronsantoro to film me while I opened it to be able to see my reaction... So here I am. I don’t think I stopped crying since then. My Benito. My boy. The love of my life. I still can’t explain how much I miss him. For some of you he might be “just” a cat, but for me he was my world. He was there when nobody else was and he loved me when there was nothing left to be loved. Because of him I learned how to love myself. Because of him I changed my life. Because of him I survived. When he left, I died with him and then, one broken piece at a time I came back and despite knowing life goes on, I miss him terribly. I feel so lost without his presence and his guidance. He was the one creature who knew the worst of me and still loved me unconditionally, the one soul who never judged me and taught me what love really is. I know he is still here with me and I know he is still protecting me, watching over me, loving me, but damn, I would do anything to hug him again. * Despite all these tears, I am so grateful for this gift and for the thought behind it. Thank You Tina for being so special and thank you to the artist who created this drawing @johnlafree. He really is my Benito. Now please, go hug your pets and your loved ones as much as you can. Tell them you love them. I love you Benito ❤️ . . . #sphynx #sphynxcat #catsofinstagram #love

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