2020 Changes - Order Now & Get a Free T-Shirt of your Pet

🎉Happy New Year!

In 2020, Jessica and I will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of a  “crazy-enough-it-just-might-work” idea... Canine Caricatures!

The journey has been an ever-EVOLVING labor of love. When we started, I focused on drawing quick 5-minute sketches of dogs at pet-friendly events and retail stores... inspired by my years of experience as a theme-park caricature artist. But, it didn’t take long for the demand of online custom pet caricature orders to overtake the supply of the time needed to travel to live events. The past several years, therefore, have been spent drawing caricatures (from photos) from my studio at home.

And now, with a new decade upon us, I am embracing the need for my own personal evolution as an artist, while trying to go green at the same time. CanineCaricatures.com has just launched a new chapter in the Canine Caricatures story… digital illustration. I have been working hard to maintain the same style of the artwork you have enjoyed over the years. So, from the naked eye, there will be little difference in the LOOK of the illustrations. The difference is only in the medium being used to create the drawings (Apple Pencil instead of colored pencil) and what materials you choose to have the artwork featured on (SIX sizes of Fine Art paper or wrapped canvas... instead of just TWO paper size options).

I would like to stress that Canine Caricatures will still be hand-drawn... by me. These are not photo-manipulations that you will see on other so-called “pet portrait” sites.

We cordially invite you to check out our new PORTRAIT BUILDER, and be one of the first customers to take advantage of our new options! And, as an added incentive, we will be offering free shirts featuring your pet’s portrait with any new orders through Sunday Jan 5th. Your free shirt will arrive with your portrait. 

Thank you for being such a great customer and fan base. Because of you, I have been able to grow and continue to do what I love. I promise to always provide the best quality of work, and I’m sure this year will not disappoint.

🐾 John LaFree, artist.


note: any orders placed before today (Jan 2) will be drawn with pencils and on Bristol paper. If you were wanting to order one of my older style portraits (pencil on Bristol), I can still oblige, but for a limited amount of time. Simply email me at johnlafree@caninecaricatures.com to discuss your needs. Otherwise, I encourage you to check out our new portrait building system. I am confident you will be happy with the end results.

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